Wonderful Women of the World – Interview with Laurie Halse Anderson

Standing for truth, justice and equality, the iconic Super Hero serves as inspiration for the book, which features 200 pages of profiles and portraits of 23 pioneering women from around the globe. Including tales of the real-world heroes who take up Princess Diana of Themyscira’s mantle and work in the fields of science, sports, activism, diplomacy, and more, WONDERFUL WOMEN OF THE WORLD brings together an all-star cast of authors and illustrators in this anthology of contemporary Wonder Women, and highlights how they’ve changed our world.

The talented roster of contributing creatives includes DC veterans Corinna Bechko (GREEN LANTERN: EARTH ONE, VOL. 1), Cecil Castelucci (BATGIRL), Amanda Deibert (SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN), Kami Garcia (TEEN TITANS: RAVEN), Cat Staggs (SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN), Danielle Paige (MERA: TIDEBREAKER), and Magdalene Visaggio (ETERNITY GIRL), along with talented writers and artists new to DC who all introduce a global collection of trailblazing women with compelling profiles designed to inspire and educate young readers. 

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