Blogmas Day 11: Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans

Blogmas Day 11: Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans
Beauty Sleep
Laura can't remember who she is. But the rest of the world knows. Because Laura is famous - a dying girl who was frozen until she could be cured. But what happens when you wake up one day and the world has moved on forty years? A darkly twisted thriller plunging a pre-tech girl into a futuristic world.

The book is a right mix of a sleeping beauty meets black mirror retelling, and that is so spot on because it gave off that vibe. It is so creepy, and I loved the tone of the book. There are so many small details that gave me actual chills. It’s a page-turner and so realistic.
I picked this up on a whim while waiting for my bus home. The synopsis intrigued me, but apart from that, I had never heard of the book nor the writer. This book has been one of those rare finds that I wished I knew of sooner.

The story is about Laura and her younger brother Shem, who are both suffering from a rare form of cancer with no possible cure. Their mum decides to put both of them into cryogenic sleep until treatment is there. When Laura wakes after being successfully frozen, she finds herself in a world 40 years later.

Although I am considerably older than the target age for this YA novel, I found it an intriguing and gripping read. I believe this might have to do with the fact that the story starts in a time I was born/grew up in, and it was pretty easy to place myself in the shoes of Laura.

The book explores vital topics that readers will be asking in their own lives. Beauty at any cost? Who can you trust? Is all technology right for you?

This novel also asks its readers essential questions about love, family, changing beauty ideals; and how far humans are willing to go for health, beauty, money and status.

If you are looking for an original story that is both futuristic and incredibly relatable, you can not get better than Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans.

More of Me is the first book published by Kathryn Evans, and I can not wait to pick this one up as well.