Bookish Gift Ideas for Christmas

Bookish Gift Ideas for Christmas

Trying to find the perfect gift for a book lover can be tricky. After all, the ideal gift would be a book, but which one? Almost as enjoyable, however, is some bookish gear, and there are lots of options out there! This list of great gifts for book lovers (that aren’t books) will give you a place to start your shopping. 

Inspired by the Weasley’s cosy home, the Burrow Tea. Perfect for a night in consisting of a good book and a warm cup of tea…
Price: € 9,22

Read and have a great time with your favourite bookmarks about books and tv shows! This Bibliophile bookmark is just one example of many different options to choose from. They are handmade and shipped from Spain and the quality is amazing. I’ve got a few of these myself and am using them constantly.
Price: € 4,85

Inspired by the world of Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland, this soy wax snap bar is infused with the scent of fresh rhubarb, twisted liquorice and sweet candy hearts to create a delicious scent to fill your space.
Price: € 2,42

This notebook is perfect for keeping your lists and plans in order or would be equally sweet as a literary stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for the writer in your life: a simple, functional kraft journal with inspirational cover and extra features inside.
Price: € 4,25+

Book sleeve to protect your treasures. Protect your book while it’s in your bag or rucksack with a custom made book bestie. No more bent pages, no more losing your bookmark when your book opens in your bag and it slips out.
Price: € 14,59

Get this READ hard enamel pin for yourself and your friends and family. Its a great gift for a book lover.
Price: € 7,05+

Beautifully designed and versatile portable light with classic book covers. I’ve seen these lights pop up everywhere nowadays and I would love to get one for myself.
Price: € 51,61

Create timeless, eye-catching raised impressions of your name on your books! I don’t really love writing in my books, but using an embosser like this, would be my cup of tea!
Price: € 31,49

A beautifully handmade solid wood bookend (or pair of personalised bookends) that will add elegance and a little floral colour to any room whilst holding your books upright! There is a tonne of different options to think off.

What books or bookish items will you be gifting to your friends and family this year? Leave a comment and let me know!