Readathon | The Bookie Trials – WinterQuest

Readathon | The Bookie Trials – WinterQuest

There are only a handful readathons I participate in every year. The Bookie Trials is one of those readathons. One of my favourite bookTubers (Rachel Marie), created this readathon and after successfully reading through all the prompts last July, I can wholeheartedly say that I adore this one very much!

The Bookie Trials is a once-a-year readathon but in order to keep the Kingdom happy, our Queen decided to host a week-long readathon in December. It starts on December 2nd and runs for a full week until December 9th.

After venturing The High Queendom with my Daemonic animal companion, I now have to try and save her from the hands of the evil enchanter (A.G. MacDonald).

As I dearly miss my beloved Mrs. Norris, I will do my best to get her back safe and sound. In order to do so, we have to defeat the evil enchanter, by reading as little books as possible, while still ticking off all the prompts.

We MUST #SaveOurDaemons

The Prompts

The Queen’s Armada – Team up and Buddy Read a book. Double points for a full group of mixed teams (Mage, Scribe, Bard & Outlaw) – For this, I’ll be taking part in my first Buddy read over on discord! I’m excited to give it a go, plus we have at least one person from each group

Orc Eaves – Read a book with an LGBTQIAP+ character – According to VE Schwab on Twitter one of the lead characters is LGBTQIAP+

The Beacon of Hope – Light a candle or make yourself a warm drink to accompany you as you read – this will be an easy one in December (or any other month)!

Serpentine Allegiance – Read a book recommended by a bookTuber or blogger. Make sure to shout them out – The book I’m going to read, has been raved about by a tonne of different bloggers! But for me, my love for V.E. Schwab is due to Jade @ Jadeyraereads.

Rural Haven – Read a book from your favourite genre OR from an author you have previously given 5 stars to – This will be a re-read for me as I adored Vengeful and other work from V.E. Schwab.

Eastern Escape – Read a book by a marginalized author – VE Schwab is an LGBTQIAP+ author.

Graves End – Read a book that contains death or themes of death – There is definitely dead happening in this book.

Glacial Pass – Read a white book or a book that contains snow/winter time themes – The dust jacket has a white background (my copy does at least).

Desolate Ruins – Read a book you already own or a book freely available to you (e.g. library, Scribd, borrowed) – I’ve bought this book back in January, so I do own this one (and the sequel).

Daemonic Residue – Read a book containing one or more animals or magical beasts – There is a dog in this book, that’s all I’m gonna say to this 😉

The Dark Shard – Read a book containing a morally grey character or villainous main character – The series is literally called ‘Villains’ + both MC’s are villainous in my opinion.

I will be reading Vicious by V.E. Schwab which can meet all the challenges for me!