What if things go differently? | Dealing with plot twists in life.

What if things go differently? | Dealing with plot twists in life.

“Life happens while you’re busy making other plans.” It is a quote that I can only wholeheartedly agree with. Often, things don’t go the way you planned or expected them to go. Things happen sooner or later than expected, or maybe they don’t happen at all. Plans sometimes make way for disappointments, surprising twists or unusual plot twists. Also, in my life, I have had to deal with bears on the road and unplanned plan changes. Sometimes, those changes are beautiful, sometimes not at all.

How do you deal with things when things are different than expected?

The naive teenager in me

As a teenager, I had big plans for the next ten years. I had already stuck an age on every milestone in my imaginary planning. I would undoubtedly become a homeowner around the age of 22 (How when I was still studying!), become a mother before my 25th birthday, and I would probably have appeared in a wedding dress at the altar somewhere around that time. I must have found the job for the rest of my life. And I would find that job immediately after graduating. And to complete the ideal picture, I would probably also bump into the love of my life at that workplace. Because yes, that’s how things work in Hollywood movies.

Surprise, surprise

Surprise: all of those things turned out way differently. Just like every life, mine didn’t always go the way I ever envisioned it. To find a job cost me a lot more than a handful of cover letters. Before I met my current boyfriend, I was single for several years (and I had my fair share of heartbreak over the past years as well). Buying a house wasn’t even an option. And I’ve ended up moving countries to pursue some of my dreams in life. Not all of those plot twists, I was happy at the moment they happened, but it wasn’t life-altering as well. I still am a happy soul in the land of today.

But I didn’t want to miss all of this.

Why did that happen to me now? Why did I have to conduct countless job interviews before I found a match? I have often asked myself these kinds of questions in the past. I am convinced that everything in my life happened for a reason. That is one of the beautiful clichés that often helps me.

The surprises of life.

Life can sometimes surprise you. Also, positively. I have already mentioned the coincidences of life. If I had not created a profile on a dating site at the moment, I would not have been able to call Jort my boyfriend. And if I hadn’t moved back to the Netherlands, I might not have been as happy, as I am at the moment. Had I finished my studies when I was 19, I would not have had the best experiences of living abroad. Change is a fascinating thing.

Enjoy the beautiful plot twists.

Some things that I once fervently wanted have not (yet) come true. I have abandoned some dreams because they no longer suit me; other goals have just taken their place. And sometimes life does beautiful things to you that you could never have foreseen.

What do you do when things go differently than you expected?

Sometimes it is probably hard for you, and it is best to hope that it will turn out the way you wanted it later. Sometimes your expectations are exceeded and closed doors give way to something even more beautiful. The best you can do? Go with the flow and enjoy the brilliant plot twists that life throws at you.

What has been a beautiful, unexpected turn in your life?