Audio Shows: Lunch and Victorian Secrets

Audio Shows: Lunch and Victorian Secrets

Here are the two audio shows that I wanted to tell you about. They are not typical audiobooks. There’s no single plot or storyline. There are several actors. The stories are dramatised. They are more like radio dramas rather than just books. Still, they are great entertainment, and they rescued me from the listening vacuum I was in (it’s even harder to find a good audiobook than to find a good book). Here’s more about them.

Lunch. BBC Radio 4 Comedy-Drama

Lunch is an audio show about two characters, Bill and Bella. They used to be friends at college but then they went separate ways. Now, years later, they meet again and decide to rekindle their friendship. They start meeting once a month for lunch to talk about their lives.

Bill and Bella are very different. Bill is married and has a kid. He’s pragmatic, sceptical and sometimes cynical. Bella has recently broken up with her partner. She’s a free spirit who loves yoga and travelling to exotic places. They rarely share the same views, and so it’s interesting to see how they react to various life situations. It’s a thought-provoking show that lets you see things from different perspectives.

I really enjoyed the show. It was never boring. I loved the narrators’ voices, accents and style. The topics are fun too. I only wish the whole show was longer. I was told there are 5 seasons. Audible provides only 4, but it still feels like a complete show.

Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets

This show was a treat!

In this show Stephen Fry takes you on a journey to Victorian times, exploring everything from their darkest secrets to something as practical as the construction of toilets. You’ll learn about serial killers, asylums, medicine, cosmetics, the life of gay people. You will even learn something new about Sherlock Holmes! It’s not just a gripping show, it’s actually a very thorough historical work, beautifully presented by different actors and historians.

It’s incredible how much information was placed in just 7.5 hours. I wish the show was longer, but only because it was so good.

If you listened to any similar series, or know any other interesting audio shows, podcasts or audiobooks, please, let me know!